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Rapid Flow Testing has nearly a decade of iron recertification and sales expertise. We are a fully licensed and accredited LLC. Many of our employees have worked for major leaders in the industry and are incorporating all experiences toward a customer friendly, mutually lucrative environment.     We have competitive prices and have all certifications to offer each customer a great deal. Feel free to Contact Us.


Rapid Flow Testing specializes in the maintenance, repair, and recertification of oilfield hydraulic fracturing equipment, missile trucks, frac iron, valves, and connections. We sustain a great safety rating during all phases of field-work by maintaining safety training (members of the ISN Networld Safety Program). We conduct hazards analysis and contingency plans for near misses.


We offer mobile recertification units servicing the Continental US. Locations are currently in Ft. Worth MetroPlex and Midland, TX. Both locations are fully capable of in-house recertification and mobile on-site recertification. We carry a plethora of Domestic and Foreign 2" - 4" 1502 iron. (if it's not in stock, chances are we can get it.)

Nancy Fuller
(940) 536-9500
Nick Newberry
General Manager / Sales / Marketing
(817) 403-1347